2010 OCEPP Conference: Women in Engineering panel (part 1)

Chair: Nancy Hill
Panelists: Wendy Cukier, Valerie Davidson; Monique Frize

Nancy Hill, P.Eng., is a patent agent, trademark agent, lawyer and
professional engineer. She has drafted patents in a wide variety of areas
including robotics, mechanical devices, software, chemical processes,
microfluidics, and electromagnetic devices.

Wendy Cukier is associate dean of the Ted Rogers School of
Management at Ryerson University, a professor of information technology
management, and founder of Ryerson’s Diversity Institute. She has served
on Ryerson’s Women in Engineering committee and has written for
OCEPP’s Journal of Policy Engagement.

Monique Frize, P.Eng., is a professor in the Department of Systems and
Computer Engineering at Carleton University and in the School of
Information at the University of Ottawa. She was the first woman to
graduate in engineering (electrical) from the University of Ottawa and she
was named an officer of the Order of Honour by Professional Engineers