Admitting when You Have a Problem

I recently made the mistake of drinking while driving – my psychologist felt that if I write a blog about my experiences, it might help me get overcome the issues that have come to dominate my life in such a terrible way. With a criminal lawyer in maryland giving me the help that I really did need after I had been arrested by doing my case for free, I kind of felt that I might be able to escape the traps that I had set for myself. It started with the death of my parents when I was a teenager; I didn’t know how to cope so I started to drink as much as I could to drown the pain away. In doing so, I never learned how to deal with the pain. I didn’t know how to deal with problems from then on. Anything that became an issue in my life was just a reason to drink.

At twenty-three years old I have nearly killed myself multiple times from drinking too much. I’m actually thankful that I was finally caught driving while drunk.

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