Academic Journal Article Writing Workshop – Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Vanda Ningrum is a Researcher at the Research Center for Population at LIPI. Her Master of General Management is from the Istituto Superiore per Imprenditori e Dirigenti di Azienda (ISIDA) in Italy. One of 15 participants in the Journal Article Writing Workshop, Vanda commented that the workshop is very beneficial in training participants to research and write for publication and not only for policy recommendations as is usual for LIPI Researchers. The workshop was conducted by Dr Augustina Situmorang, Senior Researcher at the Center for Population at LIPI, Jakarta. The workshop was held throughout 3 — 7 December 2012 and was attended by 15 participants.

Australia Awards Indonesia is grateful for the support of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Jakarta in partnering the Journal Article Writing Workshop. Australia Awards Indonesia anticipates that the workshop will have a significant impact on the careers of faculty members as well as the universities’ rate of publication.