Advanced Megalithic Cultures of Ancient Japan

In recent years the increasing number of books and programs on television discussing the mysteries of ancient Japan, reflect a renewed interest in this area, highlighting the many unanswered questions which still hover over the pages of Japan’s history books. Many theories and hypothesis have been put forward over the years, and while conflicting at times, they all insist on one common point – somewhere in the pages of Japan’s ancient history certain crucial chapters are missing.

With new discoveries of ancient ruins both on land and underwater are being brought to light, the possibility of an advanced civilization which existed during the Jomon Period ( approx.10,000 BC – 300 BC) or earlier, is gaining creasing credibility. As extraordinary as this sounds on first hearing, until any other official explanation can be offered about the many unidentified ruins existing across all of Japan, the startling and exciting possibility of a lost civilization cannot be ruled out.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning