Art Journal Book of Backgrounds Session 1

These videos are not quick tutorials, they are full length detailed videos showing a variety of methods and full techniques. If you’d like to see the artwork created on these pages, visit and checkout the “Doug” section

What is the “Bob & Doug” project…

I created a background series in 2012 to see what type of response I would get before committing to such a large project and was so happy to receive such positive feedback.

This 2013/2014 series is called the “Bob & Doug” project. Book of Backgrounds and Doing Our Unusual Genre.

This workshop is suitable for anyone and the artwork can be created on Masonite, canvas or in an Art Journal. I’m creating all my backgrounds and artwork in a Strathmore Visual Journal. Saves a ton of space…do you know how much room it would take to hold 46 canvas or Masonite panels that are 9×12 in size ???

Please watch: “Does the Cost of Art Supplies Affect Your Creativity”