Cultural Genocide of Aboriginals in Canada Part 2

HOT TALK – Tazeen Hasan is a free lance journalist and community activist. She is promoting the cause of Aboriginals in Canada regarding their cultural genocide in history. She also appreciates Harper’s and Trudeau’s initiative to confess maltreatment with native Canadians. She lives in Edmonton (Canada).

More than 1.4 million Aboriginals (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) are living as native Canadians. There are about 630 communities with their unique histories, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. They were also important allies to the imperial France and Great Britain in colonial age. The 1763 AD Royal Proclamation is the basis for the recognition of their Aboriginal rights to lands and resources.
Today they claim treaties with them were violated and their land is occupied by white Canadians.

The recent ‘Truth & Reconciliation Commission’ also revealed they were not given their rights and children in Residential schools were physically abused, raped and malnourished by Catholic Church. This is called Cultural Genocide.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau officially recognized it and ask POPE for apology.