Getting a Big Screen TV for Our Daughter’s First Apartment

Our daughter who just moved into her very first apartment has been hinting to us how she would like a nice new TV for her living room. She is using the small flatscreen TV that used to be in her bedroom here at home. Well, when this was her only home. We know she cannot afford one on her budget right now, and she knows that mom and dad will be getting her one for a gift. However, since it is the holiday season, I will wait for the Cyber Monday TV deals for 2017 to come out. We will not make her wait until December 25th to give her the gift though. We want her to be able to watch her favorite holiday shows on a really big screen.

We already told her brother what we are planning, and he knows the landlord who has already agreed to let him install a wall mount for the big TV. He said he would rather have all such TVs professionally mounted to the wall rather than have them on TV stands where they could fall over. We are at least getting her a 60 inch LED TV. Plus, you know being the techno dad that I have to add in a surround sound system. Our plan is to install it one day while she is at work, and just have it there waiting for her when she gets home.

She will invite us over for some food and popcorn snacks while we gather around her new TV and watch a holiday classic or two. I have my favorites from Scrooge to animated holiday shows from the 1970s. They are a tradition in my family. Now we can watch them on DVD or streaming at our leisure. When I was growing up we had to wait for them to be broadcast on network TV, and we had to watch all the commercials. That’s not so bad though. We could see what was new on the market for toys for the holidays!