How to Submit Your Revised PLOS Manuscript in Editorial Manager

This video shows PLOS authors how to submit a revised manuscript using the Editorial Manager (EM) submission system.

Starting from the author main menu you will see your manuscript in the “Submissions Needing Revisions” folder. From the “Action Links” for the manuscript please choose “Revise Submission” and then OK. Now, most of the information will not have changed since your original submission. Click down to “Respond to Reviewers.” Here you will copy and paste your response to reviewers. When you’re finished click “Next.”

You’re now in the “Attach File” section. Here you’ll need to remove any files that have changed since your last submission. You may include your updated information in the cover letter.

And finally, “Build PDF for my Approval.” Your PDF is now building. In the meantime you can go ahead and click on “Revisions Waiting for Author’s Approval.” When the PDF is built you’ll be able to approve your manuscript from the “Action Links” as you did on the original submission.


To submit your review now, visit the submissions system for the appropriate journal.

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