I Like My Tattoo Sleeve, but I Have to Keep It Covered on the Job

Years ago I got my first tattoo on my chest. It was just a simple design. I had always planned on turning it into a tattoo sleeve that would go over my right shoulder and down my right arm. I was only 18 when I got my first tattoo. I figured I would graduate college and get a job where I would wear long sleeves and suits all day even though I was a jeans and tee shirt kind of guy. However, I actually got a job where I have to wear a uniform, and they have a policy against any tattoos being visible while on the job. At 21 my tattoo was all the way down my arm. It would not be bad if I lived where it was cool weather, as I could just wear long sleeves. However, I live where the summers are long and hot.

I had to research the best cover for a full sleeve tattoo that would be comfortable, not ride up my arm and be as cool as possible. And I mean cool as in temperature cool. I like my tattoo, but it has to be covered at least eight hours five days per week. My job has me outside in the city all day. Too hot to wear long sleeves. I have several covers for my tattoo sleeve design I have on my arm. In the fall and winter it is still warm, but my tan fades. So, I have ones of varying shades to match my skin color. They are so well made that most people do not even notice I am wearing it.

The design of my tattoo sleeve is too elaborate to get it removed. Plus, I really do not want to do that anyway. A couple of more years at this position will lead to an opportunity to get a position where I can do the job wearing a suit. Then I can just go back to not having to wear a tattoo cover.