I Think the Boss Must Be in Trouble

It would not be too much of a surprise, because he is always getting into something that he should stay out of. In fact he seems to be pretty good at getting the wife to forgive him and that is what he assigned me the task of helping in. Whatever he did must be pretty big, because he gave me the platinum card and told me to look for Mykonos luxury villas and he did not specify how much I could pay for one of them. I already knew that this is one of the things that his wife has always wanted to do, but he never wanted to do it and hardly ever goes any place where he can not play 18 holes in the morning. That is not at all possible here from all that I can tell. None of these places are going to be cheap, but I did find one which seemed to be a better deal than the rest of them.

All of the places I saw that were for sale cost in excess of a million euros and I would guess that it is a good bit more than a million dollars based on what I have been informed about the exchange rate. I asked him if he wanted to stop over some place, since this is going to involve a great deal of air travel. A direct flight from New York City to Athens takes nine and a half hours, but you might not be able to get one of them honestly. It looks like they only have one flight per day and so you probably end up with a lay over in London, which likely means a couple of hours longer. Personally I would probably spend the night there to make it easier.