Two days before Alex Hirsch’s birthday, he sent ME a present–THIS BOOK, worth every penny. Number 3,877 of only 10,000 in existence. I could not be MORE thrilled.
I know this video was shoddy, and I deeply apologize. Forgive me, for I had never operated a blacklight and did not expect the writing to have to charge up. And especially for a good part of the video being upside down. When I was young and watched some upsidedown videos on my iPod, the tactic I employed was to find a comfy bed or couch, kneel, then lean forward into a crawling position, then balance with my head upsidedown facing my legs, holding the iPod in front of my face so I could see the video as if it was right-side up.
I plan on making one or more sequel videos showing you all the blacklight notes The Author (and Dipper. And Bill.) added to the Journal. Please like, share, comment, and give constructive criticism. And I am SO sorry for the partially upsidedown video.