Kevin Ryan : On Why NIST’s 9/11 WTC Reports are False & Unscientific

MP3 & SHOW NOTES: In 2002, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was tasked by the US Government with “determin[ing] why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed following the initial impacts of the aircraft and why and how WTC 7 collapsed.” After years of work, the final reports were released (in 2005 and 2008 respectively) with the conclusion that all three had collapsed primarily due to fire. But just how “meticulous, exhaustive, and very realistic” was this research? Had it really answered all the questions and provided a trustworthy explanation that supported the official narrative of 9/11? This week we welcome to the programme once again Kevin Ryan, co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies and author of the book Another Nineteen, who joins us to share with us his assessment of the NIST reports, and why he believes them to be “false and unscientific.”


Interview Notes:

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Kevin Ryan in this interview are his responsibility alone; they do not necessarily reflect those of The Mind Renewed.

Podcast music: Antony Raijekov’s ‘Jazz U’, (CC BY-NC 2.5)

Image credit: “SWAC 010” by National Institute of Standards and Technology, licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (; with words superimposed from NIST’s response to Ron Brookman’s FOIA request (see show notes).