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In sociology, labeling theory is the view of deviance according to which being labeled as a “deviant” leads a person to engage in deviant behavior. Originating in Howard Becker’s work in the 1960s, labeling theory explains why people’s behavior clashes with social norms. For example, a teenager who lives in an urban area frequented by gangs might be labeled as a gang member. Accordingly, the teenager might begin to behave like a gang member or become one. Sometimes the person labeled incorporates the label into that person’s self-concept (as when a teenager labeled as a gang member begins to think of himself or herself as a gang member). Some researchers believe people of lower social status are more likely to be labeled deviant.

In this video, Chegg Sociology tutor Alex H. describes the definitions of Labeling Theory and Deviance. Alex walks through the timeless example of jocks and nerds and how labeling people can help perpetuate how they identify themselves.


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