Learning About the Ground We Walk and Drive on

When my son started studying about deep earth holes, he asked me if I could help him find some more information about them. He already knew the basics on how these sinkholes came to be, but he wanted some interesting facts because the subject just really fascinated him. We both enjoy FascinatingPlanet, a website that has a lot of interesting subjects and facts on it about the world and the people in it, so we went there first to see if there was anything about sinkholes. I was happy to see that there were definitely some interesting facts there so he could learn about more than just the geographical information about sinkholes.

When he read how big the largest sinkhole in the world is, he was amazed. I have to admit that I was too. I have heard about sinkholes, but I never knew that the biggest one, located in Egypt, is 50 miles by 75 miles as well as nearly 500 feet in depth. It is hard to even imagine something like that existing in our world. We also read how new sinkholes are forming often in the Dead Sea. There are thousands that have just opened in the recent past there, making it quite an unstable part of our earth.

Moving closer to home, Florida is also known for its sinkholes. I told my son about the man who was sleeping in his house when a sinkhole developed and collapsed his house there not long ago. We also read where people had been driving their cars down the road, and the road just collapsed underneath them. Thankfully, we have never had any sinkholes in our area, but we read that they can happen anywhere. Reading all of this sure gave us a new perspective about the ground that we trust so much!