New Cobra Conferences Around the World

After the successful activation of the 12-21-2012 portal in Egypt, we are beginning with a new cycle of Cobra conferences.

There people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on key planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid.

The second conference will be held in Rome from March 15th to March 17th.
You can register here:

The third conference will be taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, a well known financial center, from April 19th to April 21st.
You can get more information about the this conference and you can also register here:

The fourth conference will be held in Irvine close to Laguna Beach in California. This will be the second New Society conference by Cobra.
You can read more about this conference and also register here:

More about Conferences:

Music: Thomas Bergersen