New Music Business Journal Returns to L A. – Grammys and NAMM 1/27/14 Pt 3 of 3 S1EP9

Ravi and Robe return to Off The Wall Music Lounge on Media Row in Santa Monica, California, and are joined by a host of music industry experts to discuss “self-produced” music, and grammar and lyrics in this segment of the New Music Business Journal Radio program.

This episode is part 2 of 3 and discusses the ascendance of “Independent” music into mainstream events such as this year’s Grammys, and the growing opportunities for artists to begin to have influence on the industry once again.

Guests include:

Ben McLane, Entertainment Attorney

Ronan Chris Murphy, Music Producer and Engineer

Rhonda Bedikian, Music Licensing and Publishing

Ken Rose, Film and Music Producer, and consultant to Apple Computer and Itunes

Peggy Glenn, Wordsmith, Editor, and elevator pitch specialist

Henri Yonet, Composer, Producer, Music Licensing

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