New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing

Title: New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing, by Professor Alexander Grossmann (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences). How will scientific publishing develop? Topics such as Journal Impact Factor, blind peer-review and library subscriptions have dominated the discussion. However the digital revolution has begun to change the rules. New topics such as article-level metrics, post-publication peer review and open data have emerged. Open Access is becoming publicly mandated in the US and EU, encouraging researchers to submit their work to open repositories. Preprint servers and subject repositories have been entering the market to provide faster access to unpublished results. Open peer review is practiced by ever more journals and consortia. Post-Publication Peer Review is a new buzz word to use crowd-sourcing to evaluate scientific research. Publication of research results is at the center of the scientific enterprise. It is therefore essential to explore the ways in which the speed and network character of the internet breaks down old categories of scholarly publishing and creates new ways of communicating scientific results.

Science 2.0 Conference 2015, 25 to 26 March, Hamburg, Germany

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