Presenting my PhD research at EGU 2016!

I go to Vienna to attend the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2016 General Meeting and present my PhD research on stratosphere-troposphere coupling!

Fan favourite Tom also gave a talk, and this video covers our four days at one of the biggest scientific conferences in the world. Things go a bit pear-shaped, and as well as giving a talk and sitting on panels on social media use in academia and film making for science communication, I also had to present a poster. One which I didn’t make…

I won’t be uploading my talk (before people ask!) because there are unpublished results in it that I don’t want all over the internet. Also the talk was for a very specialised audience and frankly you’d need a lot of specialised knowledge that none of you have to make much sense of it 😛 Never fear though, I will be uploading bits of science every month in my PhD watch series!


I made lots of vlogs about the last conference I went to in San Francisco, you can check them out here:

Great interview with Dr Matt Taylor (before the Philae landing):

If you’re into your glaciers, follow Mario on twitter:

Go check out the EGU blogs, there are loads and they’re great!

I wrote a blog post on film making, which covers what I talked about in my panel:

PhD watch:
Last vlog:

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I am Simon, a third year PhD candidate at the University of Exeter. I upload videos on bits of science which are relevant to what I do, and sometimes just because they’re really cool.

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Thanks to Vlogbrothers for their sponsorship of this video. Money from the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck contributed to equipment used in this video.