Project Journal is an online publication for project professionals

Project Journal is an online publication for project professionals. Project Journal fills a void in the industry where other online journals have made the process of submitting suitable content nearly impossible.

The purpose of Project Journal is twofold. According to Dean Jones, the founder of Project Journal, Associate at AECOM, it’s “a space for a growing community of project professionals searching for the latest project news: projects, products and events.” While the site is populated with insightful articles on timeless and trending topics, it’s also a place where experts can expect to be heard. “Most of the industry journals and magazines have been established for a long time and receive tons of articles,” said Jones. “The chances of getting something published is next to none and very frustrating. Many publications are compromised by their funding strategies, and their views are narrow, and in some cases, political. Therefore, they don’t represent the true voice of the professionals they claim to represent.”

Project Journal is opening the submission process to contributors and is dedicated to furthering the professional lives of readers with:
•Up-to-date information about innovations.
•Insightful opinion pieces.
•Core project-management processes.
•Lessons learned from successful past projects.
•The latest PM tools and techniques.
•Improving career trajectories.



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