Scotland: 10 Interesting Facts about Country’s History and Customs

The country of historical mysteries, castles and breathing nature – Scotland, probably, fits this description the best. Here one may visit unique cities, enjoy the natural beauties of hundreds of its islands and learn about the incredible Scottish heritage.

There are many exciting facts everyone should know about Scotland, both children and adults.

Although we used only 10 of them in this video, there are other great things, travel destinations and customs to learn about in the text-based presentation:

From this video you will learn about:

– the meaning of the Scottish Verdict;

– famous items Scottish symbols and items that were invented elsewhere;

– the Falkirk as the most popular engineering landmark;

– shortest scheduled flight in the world, which lasts just 2 minutes;

– the origins of the shaggy-haired highland cattle;

– Gretna Green, a city, known as the Scotland’s Las Vegas;

– unbelievable experiment, which yielded the longest echo;

– meaning of the flag of Scotland;

– Aberdeen – the granite city;

– Edinburgh Zoo and its Penguin Parade.