SFG-000003 – 6DoF Racing Simulator – Engineering Journal – Part 1

In this video series, we will be designing and constructing an open-source Stewart Platform, to be used for racing sims, flight sims, race car driver training & spaceflight sims.

A Gough-Stewart platform is a type of parallel robot that has six prismatic actuators, commonly hydraulic jacks or electric actuators, attached in pairs to three positions on the platform’s baseplate, crossing over to three mounting points on a top plate. Devices placed on the top plate can be moved in the six degrees of freedom in which it is possible for a freely-suspended body to move. These are the three linear movements x, y, z (lateral, longitudinal and vertical), and the three rotations pitch, roll, & yaw. The terms “six-axis” or “6-DoF” (Degrees of Freedom) platform are also used, also “synergistic”.
(Description courtesy of Wikipedia)

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