The journal of 5 kingdoms #1 Where am I?

When Prince Aaron and Princess Jewel get into a fight, I try to calm things down but insted Aaron is warning me to stay away from Jewel. Soon then she says that Aaron likes a girl even though them two were supposed to be togther. So with power and honour Jewel sends me to another world/ surver where I have no idea where I am or how I was going to get out off there. As I step past the great wall of the kingdom a boy came asking me who I was so I tell. Once I thought we ended our ‘chat’ he anounces his name was Dexter and grabs onto me, taking me to a grand house off wood. Then sitting on a chair was Prince Fenir who tells me about where I am {Diamond Life} and a little history but on sad news. As I was the first ever person to be sent to Diamond Life, they have nether known a way to be teleporated to where you used to be before so noone in the village knows how to teleporat. When on that notice for me makes me really sad as I know I can ever see my friends/ Family agian. But Fenir allows me to stay in one of the spare houses in the village so I take the house. Once I arrive to the house I wonder to myself will I be able to come back to PinkLove kingdom ever agian… someday.