We Like It Warm in the Winter, So Saving on Natural Gas is a Priority

The winters in Ohio can range anywhere from mild to brutal. The averages have not been too bad for us, but there are a few weeks out of every winter where the temperature drops really low and the wind makes it even more unbearable. The cost to keep your home cozy warm can be quite extravagant in the winter, but heat is not something you consider a luxury. We shopped around in Ohio for the lowest price fro natural gas that we could find. With our garage and heated outbuilding where I have my shop, the gas meter registers many cubic feet of gas every winter.

There is no cheaper way to heat our home, garage and outbuilding. The garage is kept cool, but we like it warm in the house. I have a painting and photography studio out in the renovated building on our property, and it has to be kept at a near constant temperature year round. I do like it warm to work, and that ups the amount of natural gas we use in the wintertime. Everything is insulated very well, but we still use a good number of therms each month. That is how they measure our gas usage on the bill.

I like the heat of summertime, but that is when we are using a lot more electricity to run the air conditioning system. Heating and cooling are the two biggest expenses you will have in a home or shelter where people live and work. My mom could live in a house that was 62 degrees. We freeze when we go to visit her, and she is never cold. She is like a perpetual hot flash in action. My poor dad walks around in layers during the winter and summer months since mom has to keep the house so cold. Not here. Mom sweats when she comes to our house. Our balmy 74 is like a tropical vacation to her.