WVIA Northeast Business Journal Manning & Arroyo Wednesday at 7 on WVIA-TV

Paul Manning received a full football scholarship to Vanderbilt, but only a year into his academic career a family crisis brought him home. That was 45 years ago, but Manning never looked back. Paul and his wife sacrificed so all six of their children could go to Harvard, Cornell or Princeton. Then the three sons chose the family farm. Paul explains why farming is the best way to raise a family and how Manning Farms is a great business.

Citizen Amilcar Arroyo was a university-educated Peruvian banker when he came to America to pack tomatoes. Troubled by animosities surrounding Latinos arriving in the region, he created “El Mensajero”, a local Hispanic newspaper. When the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader bought the paper three years ago, Amilcar remained managing editor, multiplied circulation and became an outspoken and articulate advocate for diversity in our region.