Y10-T1 Sociology VALUES & NORMS 20151007 141135

This video shows the time where we went outside and play “Ular Naga’.

The purpose of this activity is to do a hands-on traditional game from Indonesia to get the values incorporated within the game.
Students were assigned to do reasearch about traditional games in Indonesia, which are on how to play and the moral of the games.

It was a FUN time we enjoyed together.
After playing we discussed the values they experienced.

As researched by Zharfa, Shady, and Ryan, the following is the information that they have gathered:

1) Two people serve as the ‘gate’
2) Children form into a line like a snake
3) Children go around in circle through the gate while singing
4) At the end of the song, the gate will trap one of the children

Ular naga panjangnya bukan kepalang
Menjalar jalar selalu kian kemari
Umpan yang besar itulah yang di cari
Ini dia lah yang terbelakang…..

This game teaches us many life lesson. Just like in the song where it says “Umpan yang besar itulah yang dicari” it reflects on life where people with the most outstanding and outshining personality is the one that everyone seek. Also when doing business people would find a business which has the biggest opportunity. In this game people who are not fast enough and the last will be caught, in this game it teaches us that we have to compete in order to not be caught.

Have fun trying it yourselves!